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Organic Raw Chocolates

Packed with goodness, energising and uplifting, these chocolates are a wonderful alternative to sugar filled treats.  Once you’ve enjoyed the real thing there’s no looking back.

Raw cacao is not roasted like conventional cocoa and therefore keeps all of its goodness locked in.  Packed with minerals and antioxidants, this really is a healthy food! 

What great news!

A picture of Organic Raw Chocolates by Raw Choco Mama

I sweeten my chocolate with healthy alternatives to sugar, like lucuma, carob, coconut nectar or honey and offer many different flavours.

Some Favourites are:

Maca Swirl – an energetic boost of a chocolate

Mint Sensation – with real essential oil!  Yum!

Goji Berry Goodness – speaks for itself.

Chilli Treat – for an extra kick!

Silky not Milky – well well well…..

Orange Zing – get up and go!

Raw Snickers – Nutty Dream Bar

Raw Shortbread – So full of life I’m sure I could live off them!

Perfect for presents – yourself included!  Enjoy these amazing chocolates knowing they are really good for you and can help you cut down on sugary, dairy filled treats

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