Raw Choco Mama

Maca Swirl

this is an energy boost of a chocolate – with Maca powder which is a slow release, low GI energy food.  From the root of a plant.  Also great for the hormones 

Orange Zing

speaks for itself   Added recently – a couple of drops of cinnamon oil – doTERRA of course!  It’s like a taste of Christmas!

Goji Goodness

this is the dark, delicious, divine number. Rich, with chewy goji pieces. The closest to your ‘normal’ dark chocolate experience…


I love to make chocolate, creating in my kitchen, trying new ingredients, new ideas.  Often I’ll play around with a recipe until it’s just right, having said that – it’s true I think that if you have good quality ingredients, then what you make is always going to be tasty.  Many times I’ve begun with an idea, it’s not quite worked out, but instead I have created a different kind of wonderful!  It’s hard to go ‘wrong’ when you have tubs of delicious and healthy superfood powders and potions!I love it when people eat and enjoy a more healthy diet – it gives me a buzz.  If I can get someone to cut down on milk or sugar but still be loving what they eat, that works for me!  I believe my chocolate is therapeutic, it’s healing, it really is!  My friends tell me that and I’m happy to accept the compliment!






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